IceTV 1.25

A TV guide widget

The IceTV Widget is a main feature, displaying a beautiful TV guide on your desktop, comes in three flavours. The first view, "3 program view" shows the current program, the next program, and the program after that for any number of channels (screen size permitting!). The second view, "5 program view" shows the current and next four programs for any number of channels. The third view, "All day view" shows a complete list of all the programs for the day for any number of channels.


  • The ability to view TV guide information and full program descriptions for any time for either 1 day (free) or 7 days (free for all IceTV subscribers or $3 per week).
  • Supported on both Windows (via Konfabulator) and Mac OS X (via Dashboard and Konfabulator).
  • EyeTV integration (Mac OS X Dashboard version only, IceTV subscription required).
  • Created from an existing highly successful and mature product (WorldTV).

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IceTV 1.25